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Consultation @ 100$/hr

You need 10 hours per project
One hour will save your 100!

Various Software Services Companies and Product Startups hire us for requirement analysis of different web projects especially E-commerce or Custom Web Applications to be developed using open source frameworks. Consultancy service involves finding suitable technologies for maximum performance & minimum time of Web Applications Development Cycle at minimum cost. We estimate cost, timeline, and manpower. Our architectures are focused on high performance & scalability. It includes a combination of backend services & backend applications in the form of custom modules or jobs & list of available modules or plugins meeting coding standards.

Project Management @ 80$/hr

You need just an hour per day
One hour a day, keep bugs away!

We save communication time between clients & companies by carefully assessing the clients' requirements. Further dividing the whole project into various modules & presenting critical appraisal of assignments to companies or web application developers while tracking project progress. We ensure to deliver cutting edge performance of Web App with a speedy & smooth workflow using Agile. We focus on unit testing of a web application with BDD approach contrary to TDD. We are well-versed with various project management tools and thus depending on the project, We pick the most suitable one.

Interview @ 60$/candidate

We Cherrypick Résumés!
Success depends on who you hire!

Success and Failure depend on who you hire. We make sure you have the Right People. This process involves testing Object Oriented Programming Skills, Web Development Skills with a practical use of various concepts, not the theory. We like to take time & ask various questions in various areas.


On LinkedIn

It all started with a simple Skype message, Hi Varun... It truly has been a positive experience working with Varun on a complex, highly visible, and demanding web development project where he plays a key role as a technical consultant. He took the time to listen to my project and acquire a clear understanding while making recommendations. Varun's functional documentation & application design documentation were of impeccable quality. What you will find when engaging with Varun is his vast knowledge of numerous web application programs and backend end framework (coding) language. It is highly enlightening to find someone who is intelligent, honest, passionate about his work and his reputation. I have personally learned a lot and gained knowledge from him. He will be an invaluable asset to any group or company that he consults; I guarantee it!

Gary Laterovian

I had the pleasure of working with Varun on a very time sensitive project which required making customization outside of the application's functionality. Not only did Varun accomplish this, but he did it with such quick turnaround!. I look forward to working with him again in the future. I would highly recommend Varun to anyone wanting to build a business online!

Alex Burakovsky

Varun led a big project for us - to develop the TripAdvisor/Feefo for Language Travel - He is technically excellent, converses very well with both the business and the dev team and is great to work with. We launched in October 2013 and then continually enhanced the site. The project, as many do, started from a simple vision then became increasingly complex. The challenge was to deliver a site that was simple to use, fast and had sophisticated functionality with social sign-in, sharing and a sophisticated Google Maps implementation. Varun led the team and delivered. He is excellent in communicating with the business side and in coaching and managing the development team. Well done Varun for an excellent job.

James Love

I worked with Varun on the development of He is a dedicated worker and a great problem-solver - he and his team will work until a problem is resolved.

Ross Holmes

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