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Founded in 2011, Deft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is helping startups and established company to increase the speed of development and becoming successful in Web.


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Two things that paralyze the successful companies are the wrong architecutre and an outdated tech becoming a technical debt.
Varun Batra

Getting the Right Architecture!

Worst thing that a product can have is an architecture which can’t be maintained and can’t be upgraded easily. In Deft Infotech Pvt. Ltd., we ensure that your web application is flexible to be upgraded as well as maintained.…
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Save Millions in Technical Debt!

Most of the startup raises funding not on the marketing but to pay the technical debt. The wrong choice of technology in the beginning paralysis the company. The product performance degrades exponentially when every new content – a customer…
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  • Advice on Packages
  • Advice on Languages
  • Advice on Code Management
  • Advice on Server-Configuration
  • Advice on DBMS
  • Advice on Tools

If you are converting a monolihic app into various SOA, or you just realized that your DMBS can’t handle traffic or if you are preparing a big 2.0 of your web application or if this is about expansion of new field – you have me!

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