Getting the Right Architecture!

Worst thing that a product can have is an architecture which can’t be maintained and can’t be upgraded easily. In Deft Infotech Pvt. Ltd., we ensure that your web application is flexible to be upgraded as well as maintained. We have various SOAs running which are automatically upgraded to latest security patches and are running for last 5 years and some more than that.

Architecture is an Art!

We have worked on various big projects which enabled us to learn from our mistakes and make changes. We are researchers and have lived in technical problems. What we are proud of is – we have built various stable system which are still running without much manual maintenance. We have mastered the Art of creating software architectures which last for years.

Save in Software Maintenance Cost!

It is well know fact that an enterprise level application requires 16% to 25% cost to just maintain the application. With the right architecture is reduced to 5% or in few cases even zero.

Getting the Right Architecture!

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