Save Millions in Technical Debt!

Most of the startup raises funding not on the marketing but to pay the technical debt. The wrong choice of technology in the beginning paralysis the company. The product performance degrades exponentially when every new content – a customer or a product. Imagine a site unable to receive orders in a flash sale?

Get the Right Tech!

With over 10 years of experience, we have a dedicated team who keep experimenting things with new technologies and do a stress testing. Various benchmarks in prominent servers like Linode, AWS have enabled us to visualise the enhancements the things actually do.

Some Analysis

There are two places we have looked. The common place which is coming as a selling point for various technology software, other, the place which is resultant of novice developers or devops.

Common Hype

Who doesn’t know that a mere PHP upgrade from 7.0 to 7.3 would give your standard WordPress site a performance boost by 30%? Of course you do – What about a mere RAM cache on Nginx will give your static service an insane boost of 84%? But we don’t like these numbers when main culprit is code and not just the upgrades of the tech.

Main Culprits

A bad query is probably degrading your server performance by 90% – That means correcting that single query will give your application a boost of 1000%. This is just one thing. Adding more innodb instances will scale your queries speed linearly. Make it double, you have 100% speed boost. Point is – you might be looking at the wrong way to find the performance issues. A bad function might be costing you 99% – no kidding here!

Save yourself from a Technical Debt!

This could be you – spending millions on increasing servers or keeping the wrong tech!

Save Millions in Technical Debt!

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